Cheat meals

Get rid of cheat days

‘Cheat meal’ is a phrase and phenomenon that has become synonymous with the health and fitness industry. Taking a break from ‘clean eating’ and ‘cheating’ on your diet ultimately has negative, almost dirty, connotations. Note that I am putting quotation marks around the above words. That’s because I don’t believe in ‘cheat’ meals anymore. I … Continue reading Get rid of cheat days


What I Eat, Why I Eat It, and When I Eat It

Why do you eat what you do? Taste? Pleasure? Health? Survival? For a sustainable lifestyle and a maintainable diet, it has to be because of all four. It’s got to taste nice enough for you to eat it every day, it has to give you the pleasure and satisfaction after the majority of your meals, … Continue reading What I Eat, Why I Eat It, and When I Eat It


Why IIFYM changed my life

Healthy eating. How do we actually define it? Sure, eating your greens and limiting sugar and saturated fats sounds pretty healthy to you or I. But what happens when this becomes mentally unhealthy? What if eating healthy isn't about what you have on your plate, but about what you have in your head? I would … Continue reading Why IIFYM changed my life

7 Days In

2017: 7 Days In

I quite like writing blogs. By that I mean the real chatty pieces. The 'this is my life' stuff. I do love researching and putting together a more article-type post, but recently I think I just love to talk. With that in mind, hello, and welcome to my first blog of 2017: it's nice to see … Continue reading 2017: 7 Days In


Cravings? What cravings?

It always makes me pleasantly surprised nowadays when I see #foodporn on Instagram and the like and it simply doesn't affect me. Sure, I love a good bit of chocolate, a massive slice of cake every now and then, but what I've come to realise, and be proud of in some way, is that I … Continue reading Cravings? What cravings?


How I Spend My Sundays

Sundays have never been the day of rest for me. For 8 months I worked over eight hours every Sunday, which was completely my idea of hell. Since I got a Monday-Friday job (the best kind of job) I've spent Sundays doing what I wanted to do and getting organised for the week ahead. First, … Continue reading How I Spend My Sundays

Food Diary

Food Diaries

136 weeks. That's how long I kept a food diary for. Over two years. Just a few months off three.  I started it to keep track of what I ate, and I just never stopped. The pros? It helped me see what I was eating and stopped me from going off plan: if you have … Continue reading Food Diaries