Roaccutane: My skin journey

Acne might not seem like the end of the world. Plenty of people have it - so much so, it's often considered normal. It's not life-threatening, and you can go about your day without so much as giving it a second of your time. But that's not every day. Some days, you can't take your … Continue reading Roaccutane: My skin journey

Back day

How I (almost) got rid of my lower back pain

I’ve never actually found out the root cause of my lower back pain. It may have been work (I used to do very manual work), poor posture, poor form or lack of stretching and flexibility. In reality, it’s most likely a combination of all - but, whatever the reason, lower back pain is all too … Continue reading How I (almost) got rid of my lower back pain

Whatever it takes

Three easy ways to change your mindset

New year new me was banded around a month ago. People have been preaching a new start throughout January. But how far have you got? How many people, realistically, have changed their lives? They say 8% of people who set goals actually achieve them - and I’m not surprised. Whether they’re set with no real … Continue reading Three easy ways to change your mindset

What I left behind in 2017

What I left behind in 2017

I tend not to make New Year’s resolutions anymore. I’m constantly setting goals in both my work and personal life anyway, and I think the pressure on traditional New Year’s resolutions means, half the time, we all fail miserably within a few weeks, or a few months if you’re lucky. That’s often because they’re too … Continue reading What I left behind in 2017

Christmas balance

Balance at Christmas

Christmas - or, essentially, any time between Halloween and New Year’s Day - is a time of indulgence. Or is it? For plenty, the pendulum swings between saying yes to everything, and knowingly restricting yourself from what you really want. So where and how can we find the balance at Christmas? And is it really there … Continue reading Balance at Christmas


My top five don’ts

A positive life is a happy one. But it doesn't just happen over night. How do you make it a positive one? What decisions can you make that can have a good, solid impact on your life and put you on the path to success and positivity? Below are my top five don'ts - from lessons I've … Continue reading My top five don’ts


Tips for making time when you have none to spare 

There was a time a few months ago where I had time. I could fit things into my life that I wanted to do, as well as still doing everything I had to. I could write a new blog every week, I had everything organised and I was in a great routine. And then October … Continue reading Tips for making time when you have none to spare