Healthy on holiday

Why You Shouldn’t Be ‘Healthy’ on Holiday

It’s summer, which means the influx of ‘how to stay healthy on holiday’ articles and blogs are go.

Wait, what?

You’ve worked hard all damn year, and now you’re telling me you want to keep it up at one of the only times throughout the year that you get a lengthy break from real life and responsibilities?

Let’s take a proper look at this

Is there anything wrong with wanting to stay healthy on holiday? Of course not. If you fancy going to the hotel gym, go for it. If you actually want fruit for breakfast instead of the selection of pastries your all inclusive hotel has, that’s fine. I’ve been on runs on holiday before breakfast and chosen to have fresh fruit instead of any of the fried or chocolate-filled options available.

But, if you’re going to the gym every day and not spending time with your family or friends, that’s a little strange. Or if you choose fruit and salad and say no to the treats you actually want, then that’s surely restriction.

Of course, if you go away all the time with work, and it’s not strictly a ‘holiday’ even if you are going to be in a different country, then naturally you’re going to want to stay healthy while you’re away. But, if it’s your summer holiday – your five days, ten days, two weeks – then is staying completely healthy and in routine something that sounds healthy?

I love summer holidays

For me, they are about relaxing and taking yourself away from your everyday life for a period of time. On my holiday this month, I ate salad and lots of fruit, but I also ate chips and ice cream and drank some incredible cocktails. I swam and walked a lot, but I also lay there with my boyfriend doing absolutely nothing but reading, listening to music and enjoying the 34-degree sun shining on me.

Going on holiday is not about routine, it’s about relaxation

Please, use your holiday as a chance to take a break from health and fitness. Don’t try and track what you eat, don’t work out every day in favour of quality time with the people you have paid to be away on holiday with, and don’t say no when all you want to do is say yes.

Make healthy choices, but make unhealthy ones. Have full fat, fizzy drinks if you want them, definitely choose the cocktails and the overly large glasses of spirits they always give you abroad (why do the UK measure it out and no one else does?) and if you really want the chips and the chocolate croissants, please pick them.

There is always choice

I could have had a fry up every day, but I chose healthier options. But I also chose to have chips and paella and mojitos. Make your choices healthy if you want to, but please also make sure you treat yourself and relax a little.

Life is too short to spend your whole life in the health and fitness bubble and forget to actually live it. You did not spend all year working out in the gym and sticking to a regimented diet, to go on holiday and do exactly the same thing. Give yourself a break, you have definitely earned it.


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