Is exercise becoming more affordable?

Whether you’re into it or not, health and fitness is everywhere, and the industry is absolutely booming. From high street stores stocking their own activewear to people making legitimate careers from being social media fitness influencers, it’s safe to say that exercise is a facet of life we’re all embracing – or at least, trying to.

And as it’s come on leaps and bounds in the past two or three years, is exercise now something for everyone?

Well, you don’t have to be rich to afford the clothes anymore
Primark’s activewear game is about as strong as it gets at the moment, so if the price of gym clothes is something putting you off, then there are no excuses here. Leggings from £3 and fitting, long-lasting sports bras and tops ranging from £7-12, and guess what? Primark even have trainers now. The best part? They’re absolutely gorgeous. High street shops have brought their A game in activewear and are excelling: we don’t need Nike or Adidas anymore, not when we have the likes of Forever 21 and H&M bringing their super cute styles to the party.

Gym memberships aren’t all that expensive, either
Depending on where you’re at in life, a gym membership isn’t too pricey for what you get out of it. Sure, £15-25 might be expensive for some, but The Gym, Pure Gym and EasyGym give you pretty great bang for your buck, whatever your fitness goal may be. You don’t need to hire an expensive personal trainer, either; free classes are always an offer at budget gyms like this, meaning getting fit isn’t too far out of reach.

And what about if that extra expense tips the scales too much?
Youtube and Instagram are just two platforms with an infinite number of home workout videos on them, meaning all you need is a pair of leggings and a sports bra and you’re away. Body weight exercises are incredibly effective, especially when you’re only just beginning your fitness journey, and so you don’t even need a gym membership to get fit. Invest in a resistance band (super cheap from the likes of eBay/Amazon) and there are even more exercises you can get your teeth into.

Talking of free resources…
The internet is a mass of knowledge, and one website trumping them all in the world of health and fitness is It helped me no end, and I know plenty of others who have used it for tips, information, and guidance for both the gym and nutrition, too. Its how to videos of e exercise you could ever think of are a fantastic tool for both beginners and those who are accustomed to the gym, but wish to try something new.

Maybe the next time you complain about the health and fitness industry being too expensive, think about that £20 takeaway you had yesterday evening, and the £20 per month gym membership you could have bought instead…


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