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Top 5: Being The Best You Can Be

Things tend to happen which are out of our control.

There are some aspects of life, where, no matter how hard we try or how much effort and time we give a task, it goes wrong. We fail, but through no fault of our own.

That’s why I like to try and focus on what I can control. If I am doing well in what I have almost a complete say over, then when what I can’t control goes wrong, I don’t let it get to me because of how well I’m doing in other areas of my life.

For me, it all comes down to the title of this blog: being the best you can be. If we strive to get the best out of life, from small tasks to big, we are more likely to be happier.

Although we don’t have a say in some things, we do have a say in how we react to them. For example, if we put in 100% effort at work but it’s still not enough, if we get made redundant because of other areas of the company, or maybe even smaller, and if a friend or family member lets us down. It’s not due to our lack of effort or want of trying, but it’s down to things out of our control.

Accepting that is part one. And part two is ensuring that, although there are elements of life we can’t control, there are a lot that we CAN control.

Making the best out of what you’ve got and therefore being the best you can be takes a change in mindset, and is something I really want to work on this year.

As this is a health and fitness blog, of course this post has a slant: these are my top tips for being the best you can be in terms of effort put in to the gym, wellbeing, health and nutrition. And of course, this will have an outward effect on the rest of your life too.

Tip 1: Listen to podcasts
Knowledge is indeed power, and we can never have enough of either. Podcasts (from the right sources) are the perfect way to educate yourself in various elements of the fitness industry. You will never know everything you need to be the best you can be, but being educated (for free!) by people who have worked in the industry for years is definitely a good place to start.

Tip 2: Prepare everything
Oh, you don’t have time to meal prep? Okay. But you do have time to watch Netflix for 3 hours a night. There is always time (unless you have children or other circumstances). Being prepared will eliminate stress, ensure you stay on track, and keep you progressing. Make lists. Prepare your gym bag the night before, have 2 days per week dedicated to meal prep. Wake up 10 minutes earlier to ensure you prep snacks or get the chance to have breakfast before work.

Tip 3: Be mindful
This comes back to my point about what we aren’t able to control. Get yourself into a positive mindset, and the uncontrollable becomes something you can react to in a positive way. Take time out for YOU. Do things for YOU. Become a better person by putting YOURSELF first for a change.

Tip 4: Read
Akin to my podcast point, you can get knowledge from other sources too. This goes from reading journals to reading food recipes on Instagram posts. Fill your mind with knowledge, tips, facts, how-tos. Absorb information, learn what’s to discern bull from the truth, and never stop leaning.

Tip 5: Wake up early and go to bed early
Again, this comes down to time. Don’t have enough? Make it and wake up earlier. Can’t wake up early because you go to sleep late? There’s a solution for that too. This is a choice, your choice. I recently listened to a podcast by Jamie Alderton, who spoke about setting yourself up to win. Create small habits that have a domino effect into bigger habits. Wake up early. Get shit done. Don’t have enough time in the week because of work? Own your weekends. Don’t complain you have no time or you’re too tired because that’s down to you.

Successful people often seem the most energetic. But that’s because, behind the scenes, they’re putting in the effor, creating habits, going to sleep at 10pm so they can get up at 5.30am and be a winner.

Own your choices, and learn to react positively to the elements you have no control over.


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