7 Days In

2017: 7 Days In

I quite like writing blogs.

By that I mean the real chatty pieces. The ‘this is my life’ stuff. I do love researching and putting together a more article-type post, but recently I think I just love to talk.

With that in mind, hello, and welcome to my first blog of 2017: it’s nice to see that people actually read my musings since beginning this blog almost a year ago now, and I hope you’ll enjoy following my journey in 2017 too.

In my last post, I noted down my fitness goals for this year, and I’m really happy when the progress I’ve made with my training in just a week.

So, where am I currently at?
I am around 4 weeks into my first ever ‘bulk,’ I have quite honestly never eaten this much in my life before, and trying to bulk as ‘clean’ as possible means that the volume is HARD. Vegetables have taken a backseat. Like eating broccoli is now a chore. 

I am aiming to hit 2,660 calories per day, including 325g carbs, 160g protein, and 80g fat. I always hit my fat and protein, but find it hard to get past 300g carbs. We had to up my macros as I was actually getting leaner on my previous ones.

My training, as a result of all the foods, is unreal. I am going heavier, harder, and feeling so much more energetic and stronger.

What does a day in the life currently look like?
Like a fair amount of food, really. I am eating every 2-3 hours and probably pissing everyone off at work with my constant munching…

Meal 1: eaten on the bus on the way to work. It’s either a bagel or three boiled eggs (I know, they must LOVE me, but I get on when it’s empty and chow them down as fast as possible…)

Meal 2: breakfast, always porridge, taken in my porridge flask (best buy ever, check out Amazon if you want porridge on the go).

Meal 3: a mid morning snack, rice cakes jam and peanut butter or something of that ilk. Basically, carbs.

Meal 4: lunch. A protein source, carb source and some fat too. Tuna mayo pasta has been a winner this week.

Meal 5: afternoon snack and usually a pre workout too. Depending upon what I have in the morning, this can be a bagel, protein bar and a yoghurt, something like that.

Meal 6: dinner and post workout. Carbs and protein, and a bit of veg for them micro gains. Usually chicken and rice or something #bro and boring. Eaten on the bus, because that’s how we roll.

Meal 7: sometimes I’ll have something when I get back from the gym (yesterday I had weetabix because I needed pure carbs), but other than that it’s my trusty bowl of oats, greek yoghurt, cinnamon, fruit and peanut butter to cap the macros for the day.

What does my training look like?
Hard. I’m really happy, though, as I’m getting stronger already. I have gone from not deadlifting in months because of my back, to nailing my form to protect my injury and hitting 60kg for reps. I got a PB on leg press yesterday too, at 110kg for reps (then a dropset, also superset with a hip thrust drop set, trust me when I say I almost cried).

Starting next week, my split will be: three leg days, one pull day, one push day. I’m also going to train abs twice per week at the end of sessions, as I also want to spend this bulk making my core even stronger, and building up a strong muscle base all over my body. This should mean that, when I cut down in the future, my abs look even better because I have more overall muscle. In the past, I have found it hard to get my lower two abs and my obliques to come in, but hopefully I’ll be able to see them a bit more after putting on more muscle.

Oh, and I’m also on a cardio ban, winner. I do go for walks sometimes though, because I like them. And #health.

What am I aiming for?
As much muscle gain (with minimal fat gain) as possible. Training with my PT twice per week and three times on my own. We’ve set March/April as our goal, and then possibly start cutting down then, as I’m looking at going on holiday in June so I’d like to be nice and ripped for that – and show off the muscle gains under the fluff I am currently collecting!

I also want to get stronger, hit some PBs, and get my metabolism firing so that, when I do cut, my calories are significantly higher than those I previously had to be on to lose fat.

I want to eventually get into a bulk/cut cycle. I love the aesthetic look when you’re cutting, and actually don’t find it too hard because I quite like a challenge (weird gal). But I also love feeling strong and energetic, and getting comfortable with my body being a little less lean, but a little more chunky and muscley.

In a month I’ve already got myself up to 7 and a half stone, and can visibly see changes to my biceps, quads and glutes in particular. I can’t wait to see what progress I can make this year.


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