Training Top 5: My 2017 Plan

2016 has been incredible for a number of reasons, but it’s also the year I learnt the most important lesson, in several aspects of my life: hard work pays off.

And not just in my working life, but in my training too. I have overcome (touch wood) a back problem and I am ready to hit the ground running in 2017, and I have certain training goals I want to achieve.

Hit a deadlift PB
Before I injured my back, I had hit a 70kg deadlift for two reps, and I really want to surpass that this year now that I am finally deadlifting again with perfect form. My three rep max is 57kg and I managed to hit that after two sessions of deadlifts with my new PT, so I’m definitely on the right track! I am eager to hit some PBs during this little bulk, and deadlifts are one exercise I used to love, so I’m really glad I’m back doing them again.

Squat confidently
So apparently I have long femurs which make my squat more difficult. Who knew? I think that’s the first time I’ve been told I have long legs, being 5 ft 1… I love squats. Any kind of squat. But I do really want to have a good ass to grass heavy squat in, and be able to do it on my own without a spot. I don’t really squat heavy, my PB is around 60kg but that was a long time ago now. I really want to get it perfect, and work up to getting more confident.

Go heavier on upper body
I have recently realised I am stronger than I thought. I have started to go heavier on upper body exercises and that has come with a) more food, so more energy, and b) more confidence and belief in myself. I know in order for me to grow I need to keep upping the weights and challenging myself, and in 2017 I want to continue what I’ve already started in December.

Grow my shoulders
I absolutely love my shoulders. I love how big they are. I have always had broad shoulders, which meant I was always brilliant at swimming and super fast. But since then, I’ve never really paid attention to my shoulders – until I started bodybuilding. And now, they’re nice and big – but I want bigger. I find, as a girl, you never really hear other women say they want a big upper body. But I’m going to break the trend and get me some big/even bigger ass shoulders in 2017.

Keep progressing with my pull-ups
I know that, as I get a little heavier and put on more mass, it will become harder to do pull-ups, naturally. But I want to keep doing them every week so that as I do get heavier, I am still able to get at least 4-5 reps in a set. My PB is 12 but that was at just under 7 stone, so super light. I am confident that, if I maintain my training with them, I’ll still be able to progress with them. And a girl loves her pull ups.

What are your training goals for 2017?


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