Christmas Indulgence

There are too many blogs, posts, and comments about ‘how to stay healthy at Christmas.’ How to keep on track, avoid foods, not give in to temptation.

But for me, that’s not staying healthy at Christmas. That’s being extremely unhealthy.

Christmas comes around once a year. Once. And, unless you’re on prep at Christmas (you poor soul), there’s no reason for you to ‘stay healthy.’ I imagine people on prep will even let themselves go on Christmas Day and indulge like they deserve to.

Christmas is about spending time with loved ones, enjoying yourself, and having fun. It isn’t about restricting, saying no to chocolate because it doesn’t align with your goals, or finding any excuse to exercise. Honestly, if this is you – and I know what it feels like because it has been me – please stop. Please understand that Christmas is a once per year thing, and it’s a time to let go and enjoy yourself.

By all means, eat on plan the days before and after Christmas Day itself, go to the gym when you have time, but don’t put either of them first. Let yourself have Christmas Day and for once, don’t think about what the healthiest choice is. Because in reality, the healthiest choice is to live and let go.

I’ll end the year on this mini rant. I started this blog as a new pass time because a) I needed a new project whilst I worked away at getting into the career I’m in now, and b) because I wanted to share my thoughts and knowledge about an industry I’m passionate about.

I’m by no means qualified, but I think it’s important to share what you’ve learnt, and get first-hand accounts of food and fitness in the industry from people who have experienced different areas of it, and different mindsets too. What’s surprised me to most is that people actually read what I write. I don’t proper it on social media, I don’t think anyone who knows me in real life is actually aware that I write this, but to those reading this now, thank you, I hope you’re not bored of my ramblings just yet.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and I look forward to continuing to share my journey – and my rants – with you in 2017.

Stay safe, stay away from courgette Oats, and I’ll see you next year.


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