Booty Building

Let’s talk girl to girl (sorry guys).

We’ve had several trends over the past few years, and it’s quite amusing, in a way, that we’ve gone from people craving thigh gaps to wanting a big booty.

But it’s a good thing, of course it is. Because wanting an arse means you want to weight train and we need more girls in the weights room because it’s great. Period.

But how do you get those much sought after booty gains?

There are endless 30 day squat challenges (don’t get me started), mountains of ‘booty burning workouts’ on our Instagram feeds, so we are well versed in what exercises to do. But what people don’t realise, is that there are plenty of other things you can be doing other than actual exercises. But what are they?

Activate your glutes
This is one thing I never used to do, hence why a) my quads are fairly big, and b) why my back is a little worse for wear because it took over from my glutes. If you want a big booty, you need to tell you body that. Your body needs to know that that is the muscle group you wish to use, and glute activation is essential for this. Buy yourself a cheap resistance band from Amazon, do squats, glute bridges, crab walks etc. Take a look at the beginning of this video by Tally Rye for some inspiration.

Do warm up sets
Activation is key, and so are warm up sets. Don’t walk straight over to a squat rack and plate up for your one rep max. Start empty. Get your body moving, get your form correct, and make sure you work up to your working sets, rather than going hell for leather straight away.

Train glutes before legs
An obvious one if you’ve understood why activation is important. Ensure if you’re doing a full lower body day that you train glutes before legs. I train lower body twice a week, once I’ll do a bit of glutes and then quads and calves, and for my second session I’ll do glutes and hamstrings. I’d say this split is great if, like me, you not only want a booty but want nice thick quads too. If you train the whole lower body on the same day, get glute work out the way first and then bring your quads in. And maybe calves if you’re that way inclined.

Remember your hamstrings
Your hamstrings are super important and also make your glutes look better if you have them. Train them. There are so many great hamstring exercises, from good mornings, to stiff legged or Romanian deadlifts, to single leg work, and then resistance machines like lying leg curls. Don’t neglect them!

Hypertrophy hypertrophy hypertrophy
Wanting big glutes means you need to be tearing into the muscle, and that means you need to be targeting them a lot, with hypertrophy rep ranges (8-12), super sets, drop sets, triple drop sets. Target them from all angles, go deep (careful), pulse it out, and don’t just think squats get you a booty. Lunges are great, split squats are fabulous, and hip thrusts are number one.

Remember: building a booty is all about patience, hard work, and bringing in all the key ingredients. Activation, warm up sets, and a variety of exercises. Train them twice per week or more, and grow dat peach.


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