Top 5: Things I Am Grateful For

When things go wrong, I panic.

Organised in my nature, and admittedly a perfectionist, I plan and plan and plan so that my life rolls along quite nicely.

When something disrupts to equilibrium, it throws my thought processes up on the air. For a while, I am unable to see positives, no matter what is happening in my life, good, bad or indifferent.

But lately, I’ve seen and heard many things which have made me realise that life is never really that bad. I need to be more grateful.

We are all allowed to be sad, but I think we are all allowed to be grateful and happy about what we have, what our life enables us to do, the simple tasks we can complete that others can’t.

In my life I’m grateful for many things, but above all, I am grateful that I can live this lifestyle and I have the knowledge and the know-how to do so. But I am also grateful for the things which let me have these skills and this ability…

My support network
I am grateful for the family and friends I have around me. Mostly when it comes to health and fitness, because I think it is hard to explain to people sometimes why you do what you do. Why you don’t want the alcoholic drink, why you’d prefer not to go on a night out. My family especially have embraced my lifestyle and took it upon themselves to ask me about it. My sister once looked at the menu of a restaurant we’d planned to go to to make sure there were things I’d eat on there (I had the burger and chips anyway). My parents have picked me up from the gym when I couldn’t get back, and they’ve let me take over their kitchen to meal prep. It’s important to be grateful that people understand and accept your lifestyle.

My determination
I’ve always had this in spades, but even more so when it comes to fitness. I am so determined to get fitter, stronger, better that I’ve managed to harness my willpower and say yes to good and no to bad. When you want something so much you are focused and engaged 95% of the time, and I’m glad I have the ability and passion to be so dedicated.

The fact I’ve found a passion for something
People go through life with one or no real hobbies. I go to the football most weekends and I know people who see that as their life. That’s it. And I am grateful I have many things in my life I am passionate about, none more so than this lifestyle. Whether I’ve had a good or a bad day at work, I know I can go to the gym and put in 100% – or near as damn it – and do something good for myself.

My ability to be able to do this
Every day we should be grateful for the ability to do something we love. It’s so often taken away from people via illness or other means. We should use our bodies if we are able to, and cherish the fact we can do things other people would love so much to do.

The fact that there is still so much to learn
As I mentioned in my last blog, education is ongoing and I am amazed by the new information I learn every week. This lifestyle is a continuous process in terms of goals and also what we learn to reach those goals. We should be grateful for the fact that we can learn something new every day which we improve our lives in many ways.


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