Fitness Rant

Why Did You Say That? Rant Special…

Do you ever scroll through Instagram and think ‘what on earth did they say that for?’ Or maybe you’re watching a Snapchat story, staring at your screen thinking ‘okay, but that’s stupid, stop being stupid.’

I feel like the more I learn about health and fitness and everything under that umbrella, the more I pick up on the stupid things people say, the stuff ‘influencers’ – or people who want to be influencers – post because they think it’s what we want to hear, or what they should be saying or feeling.

Some are more serious, some just things which I think have become some kind of craze which people pretend to enjoy, thus posting it makes you so #fitspo. And it’s easy to swallow it up. But being able to tell truth from the ridiculous is a top life skill. My main priority right now – and always will be – learning everything I can about the industry I am so involved with.

So, without further ado, a mini rant: Things people need to stop saying Pt. 1 (there will most probably be a sequel…)

“Such a hard session, genuinely can’t walk, I am in agony.”
Not once in a while, but after Every. Single. Session. First up let me tell you: this isn’t normal. If you are in pain and ache after every session straight away you are doing something wrong and you need to address it. Sure, we all get that burn from time to time. That ache, especially after training heavy. But if it’s frequent, it’s a sign that your muscles aren’t recovering properly and you’re only going to injure yourself. The flip side, of course, is you’re a flat out liar and you’re only telling us you hurt because we’re made to believe that for it to work it must hurt. Lies. I can go weeks without DOMS or feeling pain after a session, but my muscles still grow. There we go. Science.

This is also sometimes followed up, in the same breath, with:

“The DOMS are real”
Ah, the DOMS. That DELAYED ONSET muscle soreness which some people seem to get instantly after workout. Delayed. DELAYED. Sometimes I think people take acronyms and just use them without actually understanding what they mean. DOMS occur after training, granted. But this is hours to days afterwards. If your legs ache a bit post workout, that isn’t delayed onset muscle soreness. That is muscle soreness.

“What are your macros?”
I do feel sorry for people who have a presence on social media, when anytime they mention food/IIFYM/what they eat in a day, it’s followed by a barrage of comments asking  what their macros are. Everyone is different. Their macros will not and never will be the same as yours. Their calories expenditure, training, body is different to yours. Please understand this and stop asking them, because it’s pointless and won’t help you achieve your goals.

“I don’t want to get TOO bulky, know what I mean?”
Well, no, not really, seeing as I’m not male and don’t produce enough testosterone to get such muscle gain. Lord knows I wish I did. It’s amazing that we all want a nice arse, but plenty still believe weights make you bulky. I want to do away with this word, I really do. Because a few bicep curls won’t make your arms bulge overnight. I do hypertrophy training and have been solidly for over a year now, yet I still look fairly slim. I’m not skinny, but I’m also not bulky. Ergo: bulky is not a thing, don’t make it a thing.

“How about you put this courgette in your oats?”
How about I stop you there. Okay, so this is my less serious bugbear. But I’ve tried it and I can’t understand how it’s become such a craze. It’s really quite grim in taste and texture. I am a food lover, I love food, I love volume, especially in my oats. But I draw the line at courgette in oats. Want volume? Use baking power. Or more oats.

So, in an age where it’s hard to discern truth from bullshit, just be wary that what people say on Instagram et al is likely to be an exaggeration, a half-truth, something they haven’t researched or know nothing about. Just be cautious. And never feel pressured to put courgette in your oats.


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