Cravings? What cravings?

It always makes me pleasantly surprised nowadays when I see #foodporn on Instagram and the like and it simply doesn’t affect me.

Sure, I love a good bit of chocolate, a massive slice of cake every now and then, but what I’ve come to realise, and be proud of in some way, is that I don’t get cravings anymore.

Obviously when it comes to sugar, the more we eat, the more our body craves it. Having never really been a sugar fiend, I managed to cut it out my diet more quickly than others, but also to feel no real hankering for it, or even miss it at all.

This is a bit of a rambling, granted, so I do apologise, but it’s recently become more apparent to me people’s reliability on sugar, and my lack of it. I think there are several factors, other than simply cutting it straight out your diet and ignoring it, which have led me to this:

I am energetic.
I think people rely on sugar for instant energy a lot of the time. I don’t. I feed my body with good food and great nutrition, which enables it to function properly and utilise this good food for energy. I also get enough sleep: most days I am waking up at 5.30am, but I’m also hitting the pillow at 10pm, and falling fast asleep. I don’t rely on sugar for energy because my nutrition and sleep provide me with that.

My diet is tasty.
If your food is bland and boring you will want to treat yourself to sugary goods just to feel something. While my food may be your typical ‘body builder’ diet, it is tasty; I use spices, I allow myself a bit of mustard here, some Nando’s sauce there, and I ensure I enjoy what I’m eating. If I eat a salad with no dressing I’m going to want a biscuit afterwards. Period.

Prep and prep and prep again.
I work in an office. Treats occur on the regular. I say no to them. I prep my food, I pack my snacks, I drink my water and peppermint tea, my coffee. I don’t need these treats because I simply don’t want them. But when I do? This week someone bought some home made cupcakes in, and I had one. Was I craving it? No. But did it look damn tasty and did I think it was a lovely gesture so I should try one? Hell yes. I don’t get cravings, but if I want something, I’ll have it.

I think that’s what all my points add up to, the B word: balance.
I don’t get sugar cravings and I don’t need it in my diet or have to actively avoid it most days. I love my lifestyle and what I do, what I eat (I simply wouldn’t be doing it otherwise) that I don’t need to eat sugary snacks to feel full or to get my energy. But if I want cake, I’m having cake. If I fancy dipping not a biscuit in my tea, one or two won’t hurt.

What I could never do now, though, is indulge in a mass of sugar. Lethargy and sluggishness are two of my most hated feelings. The idea of lacking energy (sugar crash, anyone?) and feeling shit – for want of a better word – is something I can’t entertain. It’s why I honestly won’t ever drink full fat coke again, sit there with a bag of chocolates and eat them. But I’ll have a couple of sugary treats here and there, a few Reese’s, a cake at work. But cravings? What cravings?


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