Top 5: Influencers

While there are undoubtedly many positives to the fitness industry, there are also a considerable amount of negatives. For the uneducated, and even to the semi-educated, it’s sometimes hard to discern what is bullshit and what is evidence based.

That’s why I have built up my social media to include people who promote balance, preach truth, and use knowledge and evidence-based research to deliver health and fitness via the internet.

I have an abundance of people (mainly girls) whom I follow on Instagram, Snapchat, twitter and YouTube who promote all round balance, sensible dieting, and measured training. It was hard to whittle them down to just five, but here are my fitness favourites who I think deserve a follow:

Zanna van Dijk
Top Channels: Website // Instagram

If you don’t know Zanna, where have you been for the past couple of years? She is incredible, and genuinely seems to deserve the mountain of success she has worked for. She is a founder of the #girlgains movement, promoting balance, strength, and empowerment for women in fitness. Her website and Instagram, combined with excellent Youtube videos and daily Snapchat stories, enable her to deliver some pretty great content to the world. She is pretty much girl goals when it comes to health and fitness, and her completely balanced lifestyle is something I can truly get on board with. I hope she continues to get even bigger so that her positive message can reach thousands more people.

Tally Rye
Top Channels: Youtube // Instagram 

Another Girl Gains founder, Tally is one of those people you just want to be friends with. Like Zanna, she promotes complete balance, and as a personal trainer, she shares some really great content in terms of workout videos. Her commentary videos on her Youtube channel are really helpful, from activation and stretches to compound lifts and HIIT workouts. Her Snapchat stories are also something I watch daily. She does a lot of talking to the camera, giving advice as well as tips and general goings on in her day. You can tell she really cares about helping people in fitness as well as sharing these tips with the rest of us who can’t be trained by her!

Lauren Tickner
Top Channels: Youtube // Instagram
You may not have heard of Lauren before, but give her a follow as she’s pretty infectious! She is completely relatable and prides herself on both using and sharing evidence-based research towards health and fitness, and I love that. Her Instagram is total #foodporn, but also healthy food porn, and who doesn’t love that? She is also really active on Youtube, with some really brilliant videos charting her prep journey she’s currently on, as well as now balancing that with university. She promotes IIFYM and a balanced view of both training and eating. And her chilly oats recipe is incredible. Try it.

Ross Dickerson
Top Channels: Youtube // Instagram

Or Dickerson Ross. The only man on my list (oi oi), however for me he’s the best. I’ve followed him on multiple platforms for a while now, and his no-bullshit attitude is brilliant. He does everything with a smile and his infectious laugh, and I’m honestly yet to find someone as dedicated as him to what he does. He’s a PT, and he has the ultimate body. But that’s because he’s worked for it. His dedicated, combined with his advice, have really helped me, even though we are quite clearly completely different when it comes to health and fitness. But I think no matter how different in terms of physique you are to someone, you can always have the same mental attitude towards training.

Hazel Wallace
Top Channels: Instagram // Website

Hazel, aka The Food Medic, is honestly incredible. She’s a food and fitness blogger (with a PT qualification) as well as a bloody doctor. Who is also writing a book. How on earth can one person be so brilliant? Hard work and dedication, for starters. I’ve followed Hazel for a couple of years now, and love her content. Her food always looks incredible, and she is also stunning. Her workout videos help many, and her balanced approach to food is refreshing in a world full of kale smoothies. She’s a pretty inspirational figure, and again proof that hard work pays off in various areas of your life.

I could have chosen many more people, but these are my top five who I always go back to for content. I’ll be sharing more of my ‘top fives’ soon, so watch this space!


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