22 Reasons

Reasons To Be Grateful

A little bit different to my usual posts. But, I’m 23 in less than a month, which for me is super old. Very old. Don’t want it, don’t like it.

But it struck me the other day that I’ve achieved so much in my life so far, and that I have many reasons to be grateful about what I have in my life, what I’ve made for myself and everything I have achieved so far.

So I thought I’d write down 22 reasons to be grateful for what I have. I would recommend this too, it gave me the biggest happiness boost just thinking about what I have in my life. Give it a go!

I am grateful because… 

1. I am healthy both physically and mentally. I have not always been the latter, something I touched on in my first blog (back link), and I still struggle sometimes because I have such an obsessive personality, but we’re getting there.

2. I have multiple things in life that I love and get great enjoyment from.

3. I have found my groove. I am comfortable with what I like, how I like my life to be, and how to say no to things I don’t like.

4. I am comfortable with my own company. I ‘found myself’ at university and I love spending some time with just me. I’ve been away on my own twice and they were incredibly fulfilling experiences.

5. I am my own person. I won’t let what other people think of me or my life get in the way of doing what I enjoy.

6. I have a job that I love. I can honestly say I get up every morning and want to go to work, want to learn and keep progressing in my career.

7. I am confident. I am happy to talk to people, to go to places on my own, to speak up and stand up for myself and others.

8. I have a hobby that I adore in the gym, so much so that it is my lifestyle and I can’t imagine my life without it.

9. I find that I am learning new things all the time, especially about fitness and nutrition, and that’s incredible.

10. I am always busy. I have a job, hobbies, a social life, and I will never take that for granted.

11. I have found balance. I will let myself enjoy life in favour of being obsessive over the gym and what I’m eating or drinking.

12. I am also comfortable with saying no to things which don’t align with my goals, and being okay with that.

13. I am old enough now to be able to appreciate the small things in life. Waking up next to the person you love, taking a walk on your own, getting up early for work and seeing the sun rise.

14. I am motivated – most of the time. I am driven when it comes to both work and the gym. And more importantly I enjoy it.

15. I have found that patience is one of the best skills to master. I’m not completely there yet, but I’m learning to trust the process.

16. I know what it feels like to really want something, and the feeling of achievement when you finally get it is unparalleled. It keeps me working towards things.

17. There are so many goals to be set, reached and surpassed.

18. I am surrounded by incredibly lovely people who make all this even better.

19. I have learnt that change is there to be embraced, not feared.

20. I have understood that throwing myself into things is far better than shying away and saying no thank you.

21. I can honestly say my life gets better year on year.

22. I can sit here and type this list out knowing that I have more than 22 reasons to be grateful for what I have, what I have achieved, and what lies ahead in the future.


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