Find What You Love

The most common phrase uttered with regards to the gym and exercise: I can’t be bothered. I can’t be bothered.

Notable mentions also for I have no motivation, I don’t want to, and I’m too hungover.

For me, the gym used to be this. I began going to lose weight and tone up (does anyone else want to beat that phrase with a stick?) and at the time, to me that meant cardio which, eventually, meant boredom.

Fast forward a few years and I am never at a loss for motivation (unless I’ve had a particularly exhausting day at work). I never skip a session. I plan in my rest days and plan my life around my training days.

This is because I enjoy what I do, I enjoy the style of training I undertake and therefore I never struggle with motivation. Because it’s not a chore, it’s a hobby.

I think that’s crucial to making this a sustainable lifestyle: enjoyment. That’s why diets never work, because , in the end, they become tedious and boring and unsustainable. A lifestyle – an enjoyable one at that – is sustainable, as long as you’re going about it how you want to.

Emphasis on you.

I’ve been told before “oh you should compete in bikini,” and although the thought has crossed my mind, I don’t live a lifestyle that would allow me to become that dedicated to it. I have seen the dedication and sacrifice it takes, and I know that I already make such sacrifices in my life, I’m not going to forgo being able to say yes to going out somewhere for food at the drop of a hat, birthday drinks, going on an all dayer at the football…

I’ve already made such great changes to my lifestyle. I used to party every weekend, never go to the gym, and I have changed so much in the past couple of years. But I still love those treats every now and again. I love to live. I love to have a social life. I spent time secluding myself and saying no to things and I hated it. So why would I want to change i?t

I’ve also been asked why I don’t lift heavier weights, or do powerlifting, or had the “you’re stronger than that” comments when I pick up a certain weight. I don’t and have never liked lifting heavy. I love hypertrophy rep ranges, lighter weights, burning muscles, sweating out 15 reps and super setting it with another 15. That’s what I love. Sure sometimes it’s nice to get a heavy set of squats in, it’s great to go up a weight in barbell curls, to be doing weighted press ups. But ultimately the type of training I love is high reps and lower weights, and why would I change something I love?

Because that’s what it all comes down to. Why we do this. Why we all do what we do day in day out; repeating it week after week. Because we love it. It’s very rare to find something you love so much that you’ll dedicate the best part of your life to it, so once you find it, embrace it. And don’t let anyone try and change you.


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