My Favourites

I’ve been really slacking on this blog lately, simply because I am currently leading a super busy life, and by the time I get to go to bed and lie there and do nothing, the last thing my frazzled little brain wants to do is sit here and write – especially because that’s my day job!

But I’m still trying to get something (of worth) posted weekly, and this week I’ve decided to write about what I am loving at the moment in the world of the gym, food, and life in general. Mainly gym and food.

Resistance Band
Thought I’d start off with something super boring, yay. But seriously, these things are brilliant. The other month I posted a blog about how I’d injured my back. To cut a long story short (very long, I had to wait two months for a physio appointment) it turns out my glutes are weak and it’s to do with my erector spine. So I’ve been given some great resistance exercises (turns out what I’d already started doing prior to going to see a physio was exactly what I needed to be doing, winning) and some stretches and I’m feeling so much better. Also: getting prescribed squats is pretty great.

Primark Activewear. Seriously.
I have quite a few Primark items now and I can safely say they are brilliant. I recently bought a lovely jacket for a tenner and I am in love. They just prove that you don’t need to spend stupid amounts of money (seriously I saw leggings for FIFTY-FIVE ENGLISH POUNDS the other day) on activewear for it to be a) pretty and b) effective. Of course, I’ll buy some nice £20-30 leggings or a sports bra every now and again, but you don’t need to splash out on every piece of gym clothing , Primark is a winner!

Eggs for breakfast
I used to eat oats for breakfast every day. Oats on oats on oats. But I recently started a low carb/high carb diet, and I’ve been loving my eggs for breakfast. I’ve been varying what I have with them, but generally it’s been one egg and two egg whites scrambled, with red onion, mushrooms, bacon and spinach. So so good, and keeps me full until snack time (all about the snack life).

Training back
I feel like pretty much every girl’s favourite muscle group to train is glutes. It always used to be mine, but recently I have been loving training back. I think it’s because it took me so long to see progress in it in terms of aesthetics, but now I am seeing so much growth there and loving training it too. My favourite exercises are pull ups, rack pulls and single arm bent over rows. I’ll always change up my work outs every week but I’ll always try and include these!

Plyo push ups
A few weeks ago I had a go at plyo push ups, and to my surprise I realised I could actually do them. Now every time I train chest/upper body I’ll start with these. I love challenging myself – I always have, in all walks of life – and so I love having something like this to focus on.

Following on from the above, I’m focusing on something different in terms of strength for all muscle groups: squats, leg press, deadlifts, pull ups, push ups, rack pulls. I’ll try (my gym is small and sometimes you just cannot get a rack or a bar( and start with heavier strength training before moving onto hypertrophy for the rest of my sessions.

So that’s what I’m loving at the moment. Hopefully I’ll have more interesting blog topics to talk about when my life gets a little less busy and my brain engages…


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