How I Spend My Sundays

Sundays have never been the day of rest for me. For 8 months I worked over eight hours every Sunday, which was completely my idea of hell. Since I got a Monday-Friday job (the best kind of job) I’ve spent Sundays doing what I wanted to do and getting organised for the week ahead.

First, we gym.
I always go to the gym on a Sunday morning, and I always train glutes and hamstrings/legs because the gym is at its emptiest on a Sunday morning. The only people in there are about 30 of us who don’t have a life and don’t go out on Saturday nights (lol jokes). But it’s great; I love training legs in an empty gym because trying to get a squat rack at peak time on a Monday is not the life I am about.

Then, we meal prep.
I love Sundays because they allow me to get organised, and the biggest part of my organisation for the rest of the week is meal prepping. I am out for breakfast, lunch, and often dinner, so I need to be on it with my food prep.

On Sundays I’ll make my food for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and then on Wednesday I’ll generally have a rest day and then meal prep for Thursday and Friday. You get the picture.

Meal Prepping

I keep my meal prep simple, but tasty. I always have a source of protein with every meal (chicken, turkey, beef mince, eggs, etc) and depending on whether it’s high carb or low carb I’ll either have a big portion of veg or some sweet potato or rice.

For me personally, prepping like this not only helps me to stay on track throughout the week but it also a) saves money – how much would you spend buying three meals a day out?! And also b) it keeps my portions controlled. I have always had a problem with overeating and making massive portions (you can blame my mom for that one, I think I inherit it from her…) so meal prepping allows me to keep my portions to the right size that will fill me up without overeating.

Sometimes I’ll make some snacks too. I love protein bars, but they’re a little expensive to be eating all the time. So I’ll make some brownies or flapjacks, and sometimes cookies, that I’ll then freeze to take out when I need them. It’s great knowing that I’ve always got something in both the fridge and the freezer for the whole week – I am an organisational queen so being prepared like this is vital to keep my like stress-free!

So, that’s my Sunday.
Gym, meal prep, and I’m ready to go for the rest of the week. It means in the mornings I can grab all my food and get out the house. Utilising your time and making your own life easy will ensure you stay on track. It’s as simple as that: put the work in at the weekend, and spend the rest of the week getting the results.


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