5 Changes I’ve Made

The thing about living a fairly repetitive lifestyle is that, not only can it get boring if you do the same things day in day out, but your body will get used to it. After a while, you’ll stop seeing progress because your body will be like look, mate, I can do that, I’m fine with that, challenge me.

What’s great about any life, is that you have the ability to change it. You control – to a certain extent – what you do, the choices you make, and what you decide to do.

Now when it comes to training I have no problems with switching it up. I’ll always do different exercises week on week, super set different exercises, try out different rep ranges or different weights. It’s this that helps you keep yourself one step ahead of your own body in terms of making changes.

Where I struggle is the diet side of things, or, basically, anything not involving a weight. So I’ve decided enough is enough. If I really want to see some progress I’m going to need to switch it up a bit. So I’ve made five small changes in my life to help me do this. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you , and all that…

A while ago I hurt my back. I finally have a physio appointment this week (praise be). And although it doesn’t hurt half as much as it did at the beginning anymore, I’ve incorporated stretching into my routine and really seen the benefits. When you’re weight training, warming up and cooling down is important, and stretching really helps with recovery and injury prevention. It helps me to stretch my back out too, and alleviate the last bit of ache that remains there!

Lemon Water
I always used to drink lemon water bu gave up a while ago. I’ve started drinking a small mug again every morning now – before my (much needed) cup of coffee – to give me immune system a kick first thing, as well as alkalizing the pH levels and other nice little benefits. I used to drink it with sweetener in but I can happily sip it as it is now!

No texting at the gym
A bit of a strange one this one, but I’ve started to put my phone down at the gym and really concentrate on me and my workout. That hour is my chance to escape everything and focus purely on the weights, the reps, the sets. I’ve found I’m having much more focused workouts and shorter rest periods too – give it a try!

Low carb high cab
This is the real big change I’ve made recently. My diet was very samey, and as we all know this can result in you just plodding along merrily, slowly walking towards a plateau. Now we don’t want that. So I’ve started to do a bit of carb cycling. I am challenging myself, I am pushing myself outside my comfort zone and I am testing my body. I want to see the changes I can make (hopefully make my abs show a bit better…). For a year now I’ve been learning more; I began properly weight training (with splits etc.) a year ago and I’ve progressed so much in both mind and body since, so this is just another step in challenging myself and pushing my limits.

No food tracking
The other week I mentioned that I wasn’t keeping a food diary anymore. I found it pretty pointless in the end. I prep all my meals Monday-Friday, so it felt stupid just writing down what I knew I was going to be eating anyway! I hardly go off track; I always fit in a cheat day, or whatever you would prefer to call it, and after living this lifestyle for so long I know what my body needs by intuition. Now that I’m doing carb cycling, though, I am tracking carbs for the high carb days so that I can lower them as the weeks go on. I could track all my macros, and maybe one day I might start, but I’ve come this far without it and it’s done me no harm!

So there we have it. Five simple changes I’ve made to my lifestyle to change it up a bit and hopefully see more progress.


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