Body Types

Body types. We all have them, they’re all different and all wonderful in their own ways.

But there’s so many people who don’t see that, who body shame and who generally chat shit, for want of a better phrase, about others.

I have one of the most frustrating body types because I am “skinny.” Not my word, the word of others.

Apparently I’m lucky to be “so slim.” Apparently it’s easy.

Let me stop you there.

I am not lucky. I am this body shape because I work my damn ass off for it every single day, and have done for the past three+ years. I had to lose a stone, I had to find out what works for me, I had to drag myself out of bed and walk to the gym in the pissing rain. I had to eat A LOT of chicken.

It is not easy. Do you relax on a Sunday? I meal prep. Do you read the metro on your way to work? I plan my week, my workouts, my days, my meals. Do you go straight home after work and curl up in front of the tv? I go straight to the gym, sometimes I’m up at half 5 and out the house from half 6-7pm. Do you eat nice hot food? I eat most things cold, mostly on public transport. Rest day from the gym? That means meal prep for the next few days

It’s not luck. And it’s certainly not easy.

People also have this opinion that because you’re slim it means you can eat whatever you want and still be slim.

It’s a nice theory. Complete bullshit, but a nice theory.

The fact is, whoever you are, if you’re eating more calories that you are burning you are going to put on weight.

Slim people are slim because of what they do. I am slim because I go to the gym, and I eat a very good diet, with treats here and there – that don’t really have an effect on me because of how many calories I burn at the gym.

I understand in a way why people say it. It makes people feel better about themselves. In an era of the selfie, where we’re told we should be 500 different body types at the same time, and where everyone has multiple social channels to pit themselves against others, it’s only natural that comparison occurs.

The good thing about being told to be x y and z, however, is that where it was never really okay for girls to have muscles – it’s now the norm to see a girl in a weights room. If you’re a plus size girl or a size 6 girl there are clothes shops that cater to all (apart from Primark, who believe we are all a size 14) and people putting all body types on a pedestal (unfortunately body shaming too, but when have we not had that?!)

I’ve always said as long as you’re happy with what you’re doing and you’re healthy, that’s all that matters.

If you’re like me and you love your lifestyle and what you eat – then good on you. If you’re happy with eating a take away a week, going to the gym once or twice or maybe not at all – that’s great.

The only problem occurs when we’re not happy. When we aren’t healthy. When something becomes a problem. When you’re on social media bashing other body types. Telling overweight people to go to the gym. Telling me I’m so lucky because I am slim.

Let me tell you this isn’t luck: this is hard work and sacrifice and at times exhaustion and tears because I believe in working for what I want.

This rant has many points, but the main one is be happy with your own body body before talking about anyone else’s. It starts at home.


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