Summer Cardio

Or, just cardio really. But we all want to lose fat in time for summer don’t we? (by summer I mean the odd days at the end of July where it’s warm enough to take your coat off).

Cardio is often labeled as the devil, especially now more girls are getting into weightlifting, and I will go on about how much I hate doing it, but that’s because I find it boring compared to weighted exercises.

But it doesn’t always have to be boring. Here are some cardio ideas for dat summer bod (that you should have been training for in the winter but that’s a debate for another day)…


Emphasis on the dead, both literally and metaphorically (I hope).

On a dead treadmill, you’re looking at making it move yourself, as fast as you can, for about 10-15 seconds with 45 seconds rest, repeated for 10+ rounds/until you are dead.

The idea behind it is that because you are powering it, you’re working at your maximum for that 10 second period, before a period of complete rest. The ultimate HIIT!

Depending on what treadmill you’re using, you’ll need to make sure it’s off: on mine, this means flicking on the emergency stop switch. I also like doing it on a slight incline (because I am mad), so knock it up to about 6/6.5 and then flick the switch and go!

HIIT circuit

Pretty simple: get yourself 4-5 exercises and do a round of them before resting for a minute. I like to repeat until I’ve done 12-15 minutes. It’s a more interesting way to get in some cardio and you can make it harder with weights or do it unweighted.

I’ll generally change it up whenever I do it, but here’s a circuit I did the other day which I really liked and I’ll definitely be doing it again:

10 press ups
10 sumo deadlifts
10 box squat jumps
10 kettle bell swings
10 kettle bell squats

(Keep the weights relatively light/so that you feel a burn but it doesn’t become impossible after the third round!)

Incline walk

Okay so I didn’t see the benefit of LISS – other than it being a cop out cardio when you’re feeling a bit lazy – until recently. I had to take a week off weights (link) and during that week my only exercise was a fun little incline walk. I’m back on weights now but still using this as cardio because okay, whacking that treadmill up to about 12.5 incline, the speed up to 6.2-6.5 and doing it for 20-35 minutes.. Sweat everywhere. My arse has grown. My calves are huge. Honestly. It’s hella boring but plug in, get it done, and reap the benefits.

Abs abs abs

I haven’t been able to train abs in a month – sobs – BUT I do swear by training abs as a form of cardio. Why? Because you can turn it into a circuit and kill off your abs more than doing a few sets of a few exercises with rest in between.

Grab yourself a med ball and do a circuit. Take a look at this blog for some ideas. It’s a great little fat burning workout to do at the end of your session to get in some cardio and train your abs at the same time.


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