I Went For A Run

So, shocker, I actually went for a run yesterday.

Last week I did Race For Life. I did it in a group of people I used to work with, and so we only walked it, but it made me realise that getting out of the gym and doing exercise is actually quite nice.

So this weekend I decided to scrap the gym and get outside and just see how far I could run. The last time I ran outside was about two years ago, and I think I’ve avoided it since because I was quite unfit and generally just preferred a gym setting.

I was actually surprised at how good it felt to run. My legs could go further and my breathing was really steady, I just made the mistake of eating a filling breakfast (poached eggs and avocado on toast, yes yes yes) and not leaving it long enough… so I got a stitch after 2k.

BUT okay, although that sounds pretty shit, I know I can actually go further and that can be a decent starting point. I did that in 10 minutes, so 5 minutes per kilometer is a good basis to have from what I know about running/the fact I do not run at all.

I carried on and went for a walk afterwards, and it was really nice to be completely on my own and get some exercises outdoors. I also am lucky to live somewhere that has nice scenery, and lots of nice places to go for a walk (yay fields and shit), which I usually take for granted, but I am definitely learning to appreciate it more.

Adding to this, the whole idea of having your own space just for half an hour is really nice In the gym, the only way you can be on your ‘own’ is by popping your headphones on and zoning out, but even then there are people around you, on the equipment you want, etc. So being outdoors was actually quite nice; and it’s definitely more relaxing than weight training.

It’s good to have new goals, and goals that aren’t just weight/gym/physique related, so I’m definitely going to start running outdoors more (weather permitting, of course – thanks England), and hopefully manage a full 5k soon…

Running 1


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