Lifestyle Changes

I think the problem with people (as in all of us, collectively) is that we are pretty lazy. We definitely all struggle with motivation and often take the easier option and it’s completely understandable. It’s why I admire everyone who invests their time in the health and fitness lifestyle because I know just how much hard work it is.

But it’s not just about going to the gym 5x a week and eating as clean as possible, hitting your macros etc. Health and fitness doesn’t have to be a life style, but by making active choices you can improve your health, and in turn, your overall lifestyle.

Here are just a few changes to make to your day that could mean your health improves:

Take the stairs
Exercise is free, and you can invest in it anywhere. Taking the stairs instead of the lift is probably the simplest change you can make that can end up making a difference. Even if you work on the seventh floor, take the lift up to the 5th and walk the last two flights. I promise you it’s such a great way to get in a bit of exercises – and works the glutes, winner.

Don’t buy crap
Avoid temptation by simply avoiding buying the things that tempt you. If chocolate is in the cupboard and you know it’s there you’re more than likely to dip your hand in the cupboard! I’m not saying never have treats – but plan them, don’t keep snacking and then wondering why you’re putting on weight! (NB channel 4’s Secret Eaters is a fantastic insight into this and well worth a watch).

Get out the office
Apart from when it’s raining, then you’re allowed to stay indoors all day. But really, getting out the office on your lunch break and stretching your legs is such an easy way to get a bit of exercise in. It does you no good to be sitting down all day anyway, so use your lunch break wisely – even if it is only a ten minute walk around the block, or a walk up and down the stairs; even a wander around the office. Stretch your legs!

Take your own food to work
How many time have you gone out on your lunch break and been tempted by a McDonalds? Gone into Subway with the intention of being relatively healthy and picked up a cookie too? Pre preparing food for your lunches at work is a foolproof way to ensure you’re not tempted by fast food or treats you don’t really want to indulge in. It also saves a hell of a lot of money too – many plus sides!

Stick to plans

Maybe more of a long term change, but by learning to stick to plans you can make the ultimate healthy changes to your lifestyle. Book at class at the gym? Make sure you go. Plan to prepare all your meals for the week? Don’t forget to do it on Sunday. Sticking to plans is imperative in leading a healthy lifestyle and making changes to benefit you.


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