Homemade and Healthy

There’s a general misconception that ‘eating healthy/clean’ means endless chicken, veg and sweet potatoes. While these are great ingredients that you can use, there are so many more meals you can make that are actually interesting, healthy, clean, and will help you stick to a diet because they’re interesting, filling and taste ridiculously good!

I’ve been brought up around good, homemade meals and this hasn’t stopped as I’ve grown older: when I have the time, usually at weekends, I love making wholesome, homemade meals that ensure I am satisfied whilst sticking to my diet. I thought I’d give you a handful of great, easy recipes that will make your meals more interesting, whilst ensuring you stay on track with your diet.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Spag Bol
Spag bol is such a staple, easy-to-make meal that you can keep healthy – just don’t add wine! I use a standard recipe: onion, garlic, grated carrot, mince and chopped tomatoes. I’ll also add in Worcestershire sauce for a bit of a kick, and season with pepper. It’s quick to make, and you can have it high carb – with pasta/spaghetti – or low carb – on its own, or with courgetti.



Burgers are great because you can serve them with anything. In the above image they’re part of a low carb meal, with lots of veg for volume, but I regularly have them in burger buns, or with sweet potato fries. I’ll either make them with turkey mince or beef, and either are great: I mix the mince with a bit of egg, season with pepper, and add bread crumbs. So easy to make and much healthier than buying pre-made ones from supermarkets. Tip: fry them off in coconut oil then finish them in the oven – and thank me later!

Chicken Chilli

Chilli is amazing because it’s so versatile: use beef mince, turkey mince, or even chicken like I have above (trust me on this one!) You can also serve it with rice, on its own, or on a bed of salad like I have here, depending on your carb intake and when you eat it. It’s also brilliant to make in batches: I’ll always make enough for 2-3 portions and freeze it, so that during the week I know there’s always a quick dinner if I’m going to be out all day and not home until late. My ingredients for this are always the same: onion, meat of choice, red and green peppers, tinned tomatoes, a good helping on hot chili powder, crushed chills and kidney beans.



A bit of a random one really, but it’s so tasty. Kebabs are a summer dish really, and even when you have them on a BBQ they’re relatively healthy, so they’re a good choice full stop. Here, I’ve got chicken, peppers, and mushrooms in a homemade marinade: fresh mint, fresh coriander, ground coriander, greek yoghurt, honey, squeeze of lemon, crushed chillies, cumin – blend, and marinade your kebabs and pop in the oven until done. I’ve served them with sweet potato fries here and a greek yoghurt dip. So so good.


I realise this portion is kinda huge (all about the #gains) but risotto is amazing because it’s so stodgy and filling but so healthy too! Quite high carb, so best for post workout: I use onion, garlic, chicken and mushrooms. I’ll then add chicken stock, brown rice and boiling water and let it simmer. Then you can turn it into whatever you fancy: pop in some tumeric, smoked paprika and prawns and go paella style (as above), or add in some sweetcorn and peas, or any veg you like! Simmer until the rice is cooked and all the water has been observed and enjoy – also lovely with a little bit of cheese on the top.

As you can see, healthy doesn’t have to scrimp on taste or flavour: I love making homemade dishes like this because I know they’re completely healthy, filling and tasty, and it allows me to enjoy my diet – because food is a huge part of your life, you should enjoy it.


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