It’s taken me a long time to realise that balance is something I need in my life. It’s healthy – it’s the most healthy thing you can have in your life.

It’s important, and is something you have to learn. As much as the gym and eating well to fuel your goals is important, it is so much more important to remember that this isn’t the be all and end all. There is a life outside of the bubble that you’ll miss too much of if you let yourself.

Diet has been the hardest for me. I love training, it’s my hobby, my life, my energy. I don’t have a motivation problem. I do have a food problem. It’s tempting and hard to stay on track 100%. But I’ve realised that you don’t have to be 100%. Unless you’re prepping for a comp I don’t think you should be fully strict with your diet because you don’t need to be. Why do that when you have no finish line? When someone is prepping, nine times out of ten they will cut the crap and be on a strict diet, especially when they get a few weeks out from comp. But you can bet post-show they’ll have the biggest cheat meal going, and they’re working towards that.

But if you’re just in this for the lifestyle, you don’t have a goal like that. What’s one chocolate bar going to do, halt your progress? You have years to progress. And a chocolate bar certainly won’t do anything to damage it.

I have enough willpower to say ‘no I don’t want one thanks’ every time someone offers me a biscuit – and mean it, too. But if one time I want the biscuit, I’ll take the damn biscuit and enjoy it.

If my mates text me that they’re going to the pub, I don’t think ‘but it’s not cheat day I have not factored in alcohol calroties or a potential bowl of chips’ I get my arse down the pub and enjoy my life.

Because what’s the point in grafting in the gym to look bang on if you’re not going out to enjoy life and show it off.

Life is about balance and I am writing this because I spent a while in a complete stupid mental state where I was not enjoying my life because it had no balance. It’s so easy to get consumed by this lifestyle and for it to go the wrong way. I am still consumed by it, but strong enough to be able to balance it with things I enjoy doing, like drinking at the football, going out for meals, eating chocolate.

Balance is key.


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