It’s Okay Not To…

I feel like the health and fitness industry has become so big now that people want to create this image of themselves, especially on social media. Drinking green smoothies and taking really aesthetic photos to put on Instagram is real, but it isn’t the whole picture. I think a lot of people fall into the trap of believing that they have to do or eat certain things to fit in, when the truth is even your most famous fitness blogger will have a greasy fry up and go on a mad night out every now and then. I’ve found there are quite a few things I do/don’t do, and I thought I’d make a list of what I want people to know that it’s okay not to like or do!

It’s okay not to…

Like all these protein foods
I tried protein zoats a few weeks ago (oats and courgette with added protein powder, a big trend) and that shit is nasty. Yet it’s all over Instagram and fitness bloggers swear by it. I like vanilla protein powder but that’s about it – I’ve tried others, but to me they just taste artificial and sickly. I’ll cook with chocolate protein powder but drinking it was not a nice experience.

Want to train all the time
Some people go 7 days a week. Some people go 3. It’s not a reflection of how good or bad you are, it’s just what suits you are your lifestyle. If one week you don’t feel like going then don’t; just smash it the week after – I promise you I don’t wake up every single day wanting to go to the gym.

Go out for green smoothies and kale salads
It might look pretty on Instagram but for me it’s not a lifestyle I want. I like my greens, but in solid form, and I’ll have a salad and I’ll have my kale but in moderation. Don’t think that just because you’re not snap chatting a healthy brunch every weekend that you’re missing out on something.

Have abs/an arse/an anything
Yes this might be your goal but if you’re not there yet that’s okay! The beauty of this lifestyle is that we have our whole damn lives to reach his our goals – don’t compare your day one with someone’s day 100 is a saying that cannot be used enough, because it’s so true.

Just remember: social media only shows the best bits, not the whole story.


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