So, sad post: I’ve had to take the painful decision to stop any weight training at the moment.

I’m not sure what’s worse, that, or the pain in my lower back.

A couple of months ago I started to get an ache, which went away with stretching and wasn’t present all the time. I was coincidently told by a PT that my lower back looked weak, which was probably true because I let my abs take a lot of weight, and I rarely trained lower back much such as doing rack pulls etc.

It was like this for a while; I incorporated more stretching and more lower back exercises where I focused on working those muscles.

But a couple of weeks ago it become worse. The ache became more constant, and turned into what is now a pain; a burning sensation right at the bottom of my back, just above my glutes.

I hate taking tablets for pain, but I started taking some for this: the burning makes it feel like inflammation, so I started taking tablets. It became unbearable one day when I woke up from a nap – so bad I was almost crying, so I went to the doctors.

Surprisingly, he didn’t know what it was at all – he had no clue – do they ever? But I’ve been referred for physiotherapy.

It’s now a waiting game. I stopped weight training on Saturday and I’m just doing a lot of stretching and steady state cardio as both relieve it; sitting down is where it hurts the most.

It’s just so uncomfortable and so constant. Part of me feels like I’m being really melodramatic, but another part knows there is something really wrong with me and I suppose it’s a bit scary. Part of me doesn’t want to know what it is.

I’m mostly scared it’s joint related and something that will affect me for the rest of my life – I’m only 22, and I love weight training and generally being really active, and I’d hate it to be that.

So that’s me: a little ball of pain 😂 if anyone has any bright ideas (other than throwing myself in front of moving traffic), please do let me know.


4 thoughts on “Injured/Broken/Dying

  1. cwphysio says:

    1. See Physio to rule out anything serious – probably isn’t from your description.
    2. Try not to worry and think catastrophically – it doesn’t help.
    3. Keep yourself mobile and active. There are thousands of weight training exercises therefore you’re bound to find some that don’t make your back sore. Find a happy medium.
    4. Gradually work back towards what you were doing before.


    • Natalie says:

      Thanks so much for your advice! I’m waiting on a physio appointment so hopefully I’ll have that soon. Yeah I know, I think it’s because it’s my first ever injury related the gym/sport haha. I’ve started to gradually bring back in weights but just doing light ones, fingers crossed I can see a physio soon and get it sorted 🙂


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