Staple Items

When it comes to eating healthy and staying on track, I’d argue it’s probably harder than going to the gym and doing the workouts. The temptation is always there, and if you’re filling your cupboards with rubbish chances are you’ll dip into your stash more often than not.

The key to staying on track 80% of the time (80-20 rule because #balance), I think, is ensuring that your cupboards are filled with staple items every week so that you’re always prepared, even if you don’t get to go on a big food shop/life gets in the way.

Herbs and spices
Find me someone who likes plain chicken and I’ll find you someone with no taste buds. It’s bland and boring and no one wants that. I always put some kind of bbq shake or fajita spice on my chicken to make it tasty and to make me actually want to eat it! Same goes for adding herbs into things like home made sauces etc.

Rice and Pasta
The cupboard is always stocked up with wholemeal pasta and rice so that we never run out. I consider them both a real staple item because it’s a good slow release energy source that can go with any meal!

Greek Yoghurt
I go through about three 500g tubs a week with no shame. I love the stuff and it’s such a good staple item to have in because you can have it with fruit, make overnight oats with it, or even have it with pasta – that, a squeeze of lemon and some pepper is a great alternative to mayo.

Rice Cakes
Hello little miss boring! But no, seriously, a fantastic staple item because they’re great go to snacks to have with a bit of nut butter on and some sliced banana on top. They’re also stupidly cheap, win win.

Peanut Butter
Everyone has their favourite snack and this is mine. I don’t go a day without having any! It’s a brilliant staple item because you can put it on anything, cook with it, etc!

Sweet Potatoes
Back to the fridge, and I always have these on the shopping list. They’re great for a quick meal prep idea, and can be ready in 5 minutes if microwaved!

Making sure I always keep stocked up with these items ensures I can prep meals and stay on track – it might sound simple, but the food side of things is definitely where people slip up, and it definitely helps to have these staple items in all the time!


4 thoughts on “Staple Items

  1. nannygrannie says:

    Delicious choices! For my healthy lifestyle avocado is my staple. I eat it with everything – on toast, in pasta, right from the peel, I’m obsessed. Anyway great post, I enjoyed reading.


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