So recently I finally bagged myself the full time job I had been after since finishing uni last summer. I am so happy it finally happened, and I’m absolutely loving it so far!

But with that came a complete change to my lifestyle in terms of training, and also eating. Gone are the days of shift work and going to the gym at 9/10am when it’s empty as (I now cherish Saturdays and Sundays there!)

I thought it was going to be absolute hell having to go to the gym at peak times, and while yes it’s busy and you have to wait sometimes or scrap an exercise all togeher, it’s actually not too bad. I just put my earphones in and get on with it. I’m confident enough to walk into a busy weights room, find a spot and get on with it – even if I can feel eyes on me due to, most of the time, being the only girl in there!

I’ve also found that I put more effort into my work outs now. I used to work on my feet which tired me out a lot, but working in an office I’m sitting down all day, so when I get to the gym I can’t wait to just move about – I’ve even started doing incline sprints again!

In terms of eating, I’m having to me more on it than ever before. Most of my meals are eaten out and eaten cold; I have two or three prep days a week, so that I’m not constantly cooking every night. I think that’s the hardest thing about this lifestyle: the gym bit is easy, and I never struggle with motivation to go (unless I’m ill/hungover!) but preparing food, getting home at about 20 to 8 after a long day at work then the gym, having to be constantly planning and ensuring you have everything you need is the hardest part.

But like I’ve always said, I wouldn’t be living this lifestyle if I didn’t love it. It’s challenging but it’s rewarding, and I’ve adapted to the changes pretty well, so long may it continue!


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