Boulder Shoulders

I absolutely love training upper body and there’s something about shoulder day that I find really fun, and I also find that they grow really quickly compared to my other muscles. I’ve always had quite broad shoulders (which means I am a super good swimmer!) and they seem to take to weight training very well!

I always train shoulders with chest because they’re a smaller muscle group and isolating them on their own would mean the session would be over quickly, and no one wants that. I thought I’d pop some of my favourite shoulder exercises down in a blog post so you can try them out and get dem super nice boulder shoulderzzz.

Plate Raises
I do these as a drop set for a really big burn. I usually do 6 reps of 10kg followed by 12 reps of 5kg, for 3 or 4 sets – depending on how I feel! With plate raises, hold the plate in front of you and raise it as high as you can. When I first started, I could only raise it just in front of me, but now I can do it over my head.

Military Press
I’ll switch this up and do a drop set or just go for reps – whichever though, I always make sure I do enough to feel the burn. Concentrate on getting the form correct before going heavy on these: get your stance, and raise the bar above your head and bring it down to your collarbone. It won’t take long for it to start hurting (in a good way!)

Shoulder Shrugs
Whether you do this with dumbbells, plates or a bar, make sure that when you shrug you’re squeezing at the top. This is quite a good exercise to either warm up, or as a finisher to really kill your shoulders off!

 Kettlebell Raises
I’m sure this has a fancy name but we’re being literal here and that’s what you do: grab a kettle bell with both hands, take a wide stance, raise it up above your chest so your elbows are raised, and back down again. Simple.

Cable Lateral Raise
I’ve just started to add these into my workout and I really like them. I do them for a bit of a warm up and I go for about 10 reps. Attach a handle to a cable at the lowest pin, stand to the side and grab the handle with one hand. Your other hand can hold onto the multi-pulley for support. Pull the handle up and across your body, raising it above your head. Do ten reps then swap hands and enjoy!

Left: February Right: April

Obviously there are a lot more shoulder exercises, but these are the ones I generally include in my shoulder workout every week, ensuring that I change up the reps, do drop sets or super sets, go light or heavy, in order for my muscles to grow – don’t stick to the same rep range and amount of sets each week or your muscles won’t grow. And we all want big shoulders, don’t we?


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