Affordable Gym Gear

Although I’m an advocate of Nike and Adidas et al, I realise it’s way out of my budget to be trying to fill my wardrobe with these brands – no matter how much I want to!

But there are definitely more affordable ways to clothe yourself for the gym – and look good at the same time – without parting with a huge sum of your hard earned.

90 Degree Leggings

I’ve got a few pairs of this make now and I absolutely love them. I get them from TK Maxx so they’re under £20 from there. They’re super comfy and I recently bought a pair for £16.99 that are reversible – you can’t go wrong with two pairs of leggings for that price!

Forever 21 Sports Bras

Generally high street sports bras aren’t as good as Nike etc, however Forever 21 have managed to create the most beautiful activewear collection, with the cutest sports bras that actually have decent support. I’ve unashamedly got about five sports bras from there now and I am in love. It’s an addiction, but a worthwhile one! They’re such a good price too for the quality they are, and this one is definitely my favourite.

Primark Base Layer

Good old Primark, you really can’t go wrong. I’ve got a couple of long sleeves from there and I love them; comfortable, breathable and most importantly really cheap!

Forever 21 Crop Top

For something a lil bit cute, because what’s the point in going to the gym and putting in all this effort if we can’t show off a bit? This crop top is absolutely gorgeous, however be warned it’s not very stretchy – I had to buy a medium for it to fit over my shoulders!

Primark High Rise Hoodie

I wanted a high rise for ages but I simply did not want to part with the dollar high end brands wanted for it. And then Primark came along and offered me one for a tenner – how could I say no?! The inside is ridiculously soft making it a super comfortable wear; and although I generally just wear this to go to the gym in, I have worked out in it a couple of times too – on less sweaty/heavy sessions!

Work out gear doesn’t have to be expensive. I’ve managed to fill my room (seriously, it’s getting ridiculous now) with loads of practical, pretty and affordable gym clothes that are still good quality, despite being from high street stores. It also means that I can treat myself to a branded item every now and again too!


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