5 Health and Fitness Mistakes People Make

The health and fitness industry is absolutely booming at the moment. When I first started going to the gym, there were no activewear collections in the windows of Primark, hardly anyone talking about the importance of squats, and not as much advice from all areas of the industry.

Whilst it’s significantly improved since three years ago, it means there’s now so many bad mistakes that people make with concerns to living a healthy lifestyle purely due to people trying to sell products at those wanting quick and easy ways to get fit. The truth is, there’s no quick fix and none of this can be classed as easy.

So I thought I’d pop just some of the many mistakes made into a blog post in the hope that at least one less person will be persuaded that things like no carbs and drinking tea to lose weight really helps…

Fad Diets
An absolute hatred of mine. None of them are sustainable and people pile on the weight they’ve lost because of it. It’s that simple. The worst one I’ve seen is that aloe vera gel one. Actually eating/drinking gel. Gel. GEL?! THIS IS NOT A FOOD. THIS IS NOT A LIFESTYLE. What it is, is ridiculous. Please do not be swayed into thinking this is a good idea.

No Carbs After 6pm
Contrary to what seems to be popular belief, there is no switch in your body that means as soon as the clock strikes 6 carbs become a monster and you will pile on the pounds if you eat any in the evening. This is nonsense. The idea that carbs are the devil is what’s wrong with the fitness industry because it leads to disordered eating such as this. Carbs as a vital energy source and can be consumed at any time of the day. End.

Instagram is real life
Everyone gets insta envy. It’s natural. What you need to remember, however, is that when you post a picture on there, you ensure it looks good, right? That’s what everyone else does too. Do you think girls are going to post an image of rubbish abs on a bad body image day? No. They’re going to find good lighting, whack on a filter and post it when they feel confident. Do not make the mistake of comparing yourself to unnatural ideals, because none of us look like that all the time. Thankfully, there are some really honest H&F bloggers out there who make this clear.

Lucy Watson uses it! That means it MUST be great
No no no. By all means, try something if you see it on your fave Made In Chelsea star’s social media, but it doesn’t mean they’ve even tried it themselves. Celebs get sent products to promote, or even paid to promote them, because companies know that people will then invest because it’s been endorsed. It’s that simple. Just don’t believe that it works, which leads me onto my last point…

If it’s worked for them, it’ll work for me
Everyone is different. Genetics play a role in losing weight/gaining muscle and we must remember that no two people are the same. What works for one person may not produced the same results for you. E.G A teatox may well make one person feel less bloated, but it may make no difference to your life. Keep this in mind.


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