On The Go Meals

One of the hardest parts of eating healthy is doing it on the go. If you’re not prepared it’s so easy to just grab something bad from a shop – a sandwich with a shit ton (actual measurement) of mayonnaise on it, or even something from a take away place. I always plan and prep my meals to take with me when I’m about the house because I’m constantly on the go and need to make sure I stay on track – most of the time, anyway. Here are my top four on the go meals that are super easy to prep and take with you.

Chicken Sweet Potato and Veg

The ultimate ‘bro’ meal – but it ticks all the boxes and is really easy to eat on the go. I like making this in batches too because it’s really quick and doesn’t take much time to do it all in one go!

Chicken and Egg Salad

I don’t tend to eat salads a lot but I find this really filling and I like taking them to work – the eggs give it an extra bit of fat and protein, and fill you up more as I find salads tend to leave me wanting more (mainly carbs).

Turkey Burgers 

Takes a little longer to prep but a bit more interesting than your standard chicken and sweet potato. Lil bit of variety too as you can have them with whatever you want, I tend to go for loads of veg and sweet potato.

Salmon and Rice

Good post work out meal that I take with me if I’m going to be staying out after I’ve been to the gym. Remember with rice to cool it down straight away and keep it cold otherwise all sorts of little nasty things will start to grow in it!

Remember, the key with on the go meals is to prep in advance and to keep it simple, especially if you’re making it in batches to make it that little bit easier for yourself. I tend to eat a lot on public transport, so it needs to be something easily consumed whilst moving!


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