Thigh Gap

There’s a general misconception surrounding the thigh gap. This is the idea that to have one means you’re underweight, and to not have one means you’re overweight. Thankfully the hype surrounding the do you/don’t you has died down – I feel like at one point during 2015 it was all anyone was talking about.

But there are still obsessions, for want of a better word, surrounding the thigh gap, and it seems both desirable to have one, or you’re too skinny if you don’t have one.. Society can’t seem to make its mind up.

For the most part, your genetic make up plays a huge role in whether you have one or not. Some people may never have a thigh gap because of their pelvic structure. And the last time I checked, you can’t move your bones.

Some girls (like myself) have a wider pelvic structure and therefore a natural thigh gap. Some girls have a narrower pelvic structure and therefore it is also natural for them to have no gap.

The second reason for this is, obviously, body fat percentage. Again, a lot down to your genetics – some people may store fat on their inner thighs and therefore it doesn’t take much for their gap to disappear. Some girls may find it easy to lose weight from their things which, again, produces the little gap.

So what am I trying to say?

That having a thigh gap or not having a thigh gap can be completely natural either way.

Where the problem lies is in the unnatural circumstances. The medically underweight and overweight, who have or do not have a thigh gap. And this is where society comes in: we see an obese woman and note that she does not have a thigh gap. We see an anorexic girl (in both instances here I am talking about being medically underweight or overweight) and associate a thigh gap with being “too skinny.”

And society then labels. Stereotypes. Makes people feel bad, uncomfortable. And it makes me angry that people still don’t see that whether you have a thigh gap or don’t have one is completely and utterly irrelevant, because as long as you’re happy and – most importantly – healthy, who cares?!

This is an issue I really care deeply about, due to the fact that Im constantly labeled skinny, or “too skinny,” in some cases. I have a thigh gap. But I also have big quads, nice glutes and I am completely medically within the weight I should be. Thankfully, I’m body confident and completely love what I’m building, so for someone to comment on my thigh gap (which is now only teeny tiny, in fairness) doesn’t particularly bother me. What bothers me is the fact that some people are very insecure, and one comment could completely mess with their heads. And that’s not right.

Educate yourself, and, instead of body shaming, big up girls who are happy with their figures and are living healthy lives.


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