Killer Quads

I’m not here to boast, but I believe everyone should be proud of their progress – and I definitely am. My quads are something I’m exceptionally happy about; I love having strong legs and the progress I’m seeing here in particular is something I’m really proud of.

So in light of this, I thought I’d share some tips and exercises for growing your quads – strong quads will help with lifts such as squats and deadlifts, as well as having powder when doing cardio such as  running.

Unilateral training
This basically means training one side instead of both at the same time. Often, when training both legs together your stronger leg will take over and thus become even stronger, but isolating each leg will really help to build them both equally. When I train legs, I always make sure I do single leg extensions to really burn each quad out and to focus on them separately. It’s a great exercise for your legs anyway, but using one leg at a time really helps to focus on the muscles in each leg.

Squat squat squat
Although squats will mainly target your glutes, there are options to hit your quads too. Front squats are great for your quads as having the bar in front of you puts more pressure on them – it’s as simple as that!

Put emphasis on your quads
When doing exercises for your legs, it incorporates various muscles – there aren’t (m)any ways to completely isolate a leg muscle, especially when it comes to quads. But you can ensure you put emphasis on them. Having a narrow stance and not going all the way down on squats, or placing your feet lower on a leg press, for example, are great ways to ensure your quads will take the most of the weight.

Always finish as strong as you start
Leg day is probably my favourite day purely because it hurts the most. It’s weird logic, but if you know, then you know! I love to put a finisher at the end of my leg workout to ensure they’re completely exhausted, and one I keep going back to is walking lunges. They really target your quads – as well as your glutes – and help to completely finish them off (what can I say, I like pain…) I normally do four lengths/120 lunges. It hurts but it’s worth it – my quads will thank me for it one day!


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