Progress, progress, progress

Four weeks into sticking to my training plans, giving it everything and being good with my diet (including a few cheat days because balance is important!) and I am seeing lots of progress and feeling great.

In my opinion, there’s no better feeling than pushing yourself and seeing results, especially after hitting a plateau around Christmas and feeling a bit annoyed that I a) wasn’t enjoying training, and b) I wasn’t seeing any results.

But now I’m absolutely loving every session, pushing myself harder and seeing progress from it.

It definitely helps that each week I’m writing out plans for myself to stick to. I don’t always get everything done (sometimes the equipment is being hogged, sigh – even the Smith machine was broke the other day so I couldn’t use it!) but I just substitute it for another exercise, or more reps/sets on one I already had planned. I suppose it’s good knowing your way around a gym so that if you can’t do what you had planned you can always think on your feet and do something else.

I haven’t necessarily been sticking to my hypertrophy/strength weeks either. I’m a lover of volume training, and I enjoy it more than going heavy on everything. So that’s what I’m doing, although I do still go heavy on deadlifts and squats, and I managed to get a squat PB last week which I was chuffed with – 65kg with no one spotting me, which might sound teeny tiny for some people, but weighing 45kg I am over the moon that I can hit 20kg over my bodyweight, and I know I could do more with a spot – so that’s a target for the next few weeks!

Like a lot of people, I have no real end goal other than improving myself week on week. I’m not planning on competing – I want to look stage ready, but I don’t fancy slapping on fake tan and a bikini, because that’s just not me! But that’s okay: because I’ve found something I absolutely love, something that challenges me and something that, even when I’m having a bad week with everything else, will cheer me up – especially because I’m seeing so much progress at the moment. The other day I cwas going through some progress pictures, and I compared pictures from September to ones I took last month… I was amazed and proud of what I have achieved, and I can’t wait to achieve even more.


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