I thought I’d do a little post about what supplements I use, when I take them, and why I take them at all.

First off, a supplement is something which supplements your diet, i.e you add it into your existing diet to make it better. They aren’t something you should take instead of eating – I resent the idea of protein shakes as a lunch replacement, for example.

So, here’s a little list of what I take. It’s not an extensive list but I feel they are essential to supplement my training and diet and I have found they work well for me. I must point out, however, that these supplement a good and balanced diet and a dedicated fitness regime, which is why I don’t have a huge list of supplements, because nothing could be better than a good diet and a great training programme!


My Protein Impact Whey Protein 

I’ve tried a few different protein powders since I started using it, and I’ve found MyProtein’s Impact Whey to be the best, with the added bonus that it’s affordable and there’s always a deal on with a nice discount too! I have one scoop of protein powder after each work out, and I also use it in meals such as proats, pancakes, shakes and protein cookies because it’s great to cook with. I use protein powder because it’s an instant hit of protein straight after my workout to ensure my muscles begin the repairing process instantly. It also ensures you get enough protein into your diet, with 20g of protein per serving. I drink vanilla protein (I’m boring!) and I like to cook with chocolate, and the moment I’ve got chocolate brownie flavour and it’s ridiculously good!

My Protein BCCA (orange)

In January I researched and began using BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids), which are the essential amino acids our body needs. BCAAs are used by people who train to ensure they both gain and maintain muscle mass, which also help when you’re in a calorific deficit. In January I began an internship which meant I had to halve my training days per week, so I began taking BCAAs to ensure I maintained my mass and to give my muscles optimum growing conditions on the days I do get to train. I prefer to take my BCAAs once a day, usually after training or in the afternoon. They can be taken pre, intra, or post work out.


My Protein Green Tea Extract

This is essentially like drinking green tea but in tablet form. For days when I’m on the go and can’t drink a mug of green tea, I take one tablet of the extract, usually with my lunch. Green tea itself is a natural fat burner and boosts metabolism, so this is the only type of fat burner I take because I’m skeptical about using anything that seems unnatural. This is most likely the only tablet form of fat burner I would ever take, and again I just use it in exchange for a mug of green tea on days where I’m out the house and on the go.

Battle Oats (berry infusion)
Quest Bars (from Cardiff Sports Nutrition)

Strictly speaking not a ‘supplement,’ however I do use them to supplement my diet so I’m including them. The protein bars I will buy are Battle Oats or Quest Bars as I’ve found they’re the tastiest bars out there!

Battle Oats are a nice little find I stumbled upon over a year ago, and I have loved them ever since. They are seriously tasty flapjacks with a thick texture that actually fill you up, as opposed to health bars like Nakd bars whereby you have to eat five before it even hits the sides! They have a nice carb content, and are primarily marketed towards those into CrossFit so good for weightlifters. They’re also gluten free if you’re into that hype/genuinely have to eat gluten-free food for medical reasons.

Quest Bars are THE protein bar in the fitness world. I tried them in the summer and soon found out why. They are so good. I love the cookies ‘n’ cream flavour because they genuinely do taste like oreos. They are amazing. They also have 21g of protein in each bar, and are even more amazing when you warm them up in the microwave… Slightly expensive, but worth the price.


Tesco A-Z Multivitamins and Minerals

Staying completely healthy is absolutely key for me. I work in a face to face job and I am constantly on public transport, not to mention at the gym all the time (germ central!) so I want to avoid coughs, colds and anything more serious. I take one every morning with my breakfast to ensure that I’m doing everything I can to keep myself healthy.


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