What keeps me on track?

Lack or loss of motivation is a feeling which occurs in everyone, no matter what they’re doing. And in fitness it’s a prevalent problem: diets fail because they’re hard to keep up; maintaining a constant training programme that tires you out or you don’t see results from is also going to make you feel negative about what you’re doing.

Now, one thing I don’t have a problem with is motivation to train: I use to be one of those people who would snooze their alarms, or skip a session and promise myself I’d go tomorrow. But nowadays my life is planned around my training and I never miss a day. My diet is also something I find easier than I use to to keep up, as well as not being tempted when walking past KFC et al.

So here are some things I do to ensure I stay on track – for 99% of the time anyway!

Meal Planning
Most people live busy lives and therefore it’s only natural to get home from work to choose something quick and easy like a ready meal – but not completely nutritious. I meal plan (often a couple of weeks in advance when I’m bored on the bus or train, I’m so sad it hurts) to make sure that a) I have the food in that I want/need each week and b) to make sure I am eating to feed my goals.

Meal Preparation
Sometimes I’m out the house for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or I’ll have to take a meal to work, so I swear by meal prep – it would become ridiculously expensive if I didn’t! Buy some tupperware boxes (Wilkos do six for a quid) and get meal prepping. Spare an hour out of your evening to prep meals for the next couple of days if you know you won’t have enough time to make them on the day itself.

Food Diary
As stated previously, I don’t count macros or calories, however I do keep a food diary. I think it’s great because it keeps you accountable for what you’re eating and drinking. If you have to write down that you’ve had three donuts and a bag of Doritos (family sized) it doesn’t make for great reading..! It’s also good to keep one if you’re trying to find out how your body reacts to changes e.g. low carb days, increase in protein, dairy intake.

Big Bottles of Water
One thing that is so so important is drinking enough water. I swear by one of them big ass bottles (usually 1.5 litre bottles) when I’m at work because when it’s there I’ll drink it. When I’m at home I keep a pint glass of water by me at all times and it makes me drink so much more. I used to hit about 2 litres a day and now I’m up to 4, sometimes 4.5 litres.

Anyone who knows me understands my love of sleep. I go to bed around 11 every day, earlier if I have to be up early for work, and I swear by it. 8+ hours a night keeps me energised for the day ahead, and in turn this ensures I have a great workout, get everything done in the day I need to, and I’m not tempted to eat comfort food (at uni I would get through packets upon packets of Bourbons in my sleep deprived easy writing state).

Staying on track is absolutely key to meeting your goals – no matter what your goal. Getting yourself into a routine and following these key steps will allow you to find it easier to stay on track and ultimately reach your goals.


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