Gym Essentials

I’m a firm believer that preparation is the key to success. I don’t take a lot with me to the gym, but what I do take ensures that I make the most out of each workout and that I’m performing at my best – both of which make sure that I see results all the time and enjoy what I do too. So here are my top five gym essentials:


When I started lifting heavier weights I realised that I needed a better grip, so I purchased some gloves and now I use them all the time. Being a girly girl who likes nice feminine hands, I also use gloves to make sure I don’t get ripped skin or calluses – sorry, but to me this is gross and not what I want for my nice soft hands! I’ve used a few different gloves but these are the ones I currently use as I’ve found the grip is great, and also it has great wrist support, which is another reason I use gloves – I have tiny little wrists and for a while I felt like I was putting too much strain on them, but using supports has realy helped me and I don’t feel pain anymore.

A Plan
My sessions are always better and more focused when I’ve written out a plan beforehand. I don’t always do the exercises in the order I have them written down (i.e. when someone is hogging the squat rack so you have to bide your time…) but it makes sure I get them all done and know exactly what I need to do that day, instead of just walking around aimlessly and halfheartedly.

A Good Sports Bra

Sports Bras
Yes, even members of team no boobs need a good supportive sports bra. Especially if you’re doing cardio, you’ll know that your boobs need to be tightly secured or it becomes seriously uncomfortable. I have made the mistake of purchasing sports bras from high street stores and while they are pretty they don’t offer the support you need. I swear by Nike, and the money you pay is so worth it for the quality you get.

Your Own Music
Gym music is mainstream, repetitive and annoying. I always take my iPod and listen to music that motivates me to work harder. I’ve recently created a gym playlist too, which has loads of upbeat songs to keep me going throughout my workout, and to drown out some of the awful music they play at the gym!

Protein Shake

Protein Shake
I like to get my protein in immediately after my workout, so I’ll always make sure I pack my shaker with a scoop of protein in for post work out. I also find it’s something to keep me going until I get to have my post workout meal, as that tends to be half an hour to an hour after I’ve finished at the gym, but a protein shake fills me up enough until I get to eat again.

What are your gym essentials? Add to my list and let me know.


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