Christmas balance

Balance at Christmas

Christmas - or, essentially, any time between Halloween and New Year’s Day - is a time of indulgence. Or is it? For plenty, the pendulum swings between saying yes to everything, and knowingly restricting yourself from what you really want. So where and how can we find the balance at Christmas? And is it really there … Continue reading Balance at Christmas

Hamstring programme

Changing it up: Different exercises at the gym

Sometimes the gym can get boring. Squats, deadlifts, lat pull downs. Repeat, repeat, repeat. We’re all guilty of sticking to what we know, especially if we’re not 100% comfortable in a gym environment. Luckily, there is inspiration everywhere, from blogs like this… to Instagram workouts, Youtubers and plenty of articles floating around. It’s just up … Continue reading Changing it up: Different exercises at the gym